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FALLACY WATCH: "The science isn't settled."

Posted in News Last updated on: Monday, 01 August 2016


This is the go-to statement for politicians defending fossil fuels when climate dangers are raised. It has the ring of reasonableness: the speaker is no ostrich hiding from the facts but simply maintains a threshold for belief that hasn't been met. And it's certainly true that science is constantly changing its mind. So where's the fallacy?

MEDIA LITERACY: Don't vote without it

Posted in News Last updated on: Monday, 11 July 2016

MEDIA LITERACY: Don't vote without it

The months before an election turn us into four-year-olds trying to get through a funhouse: slanted floors, lying mirrors, screams. It's harvest time for the public relations industry, working overtime to override our rational minds and get us to vote for the interests who've hired them. The means: ancient, underhanded, and effective.

If the picture painted in Eyes Wide Open of the fossil fuel lobby's PR campaign seems exaggerated, check out the quotes from the book followed by those in bold from prominent Washington consultants Richard Berman and Jack Hubbard touting their techniques to oil and gas executives, their talk recorded by a disgruntled exec and printed in a story in the New York Times.