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  • Student climate strikes spread worldwide
  • Curtailing consumption: Patagonia's Worn Wear College Tour repairs gear for free
  • California forests decimated by warmth-loving bark beetles

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The environment is the news story of the century. Eyes Wide Open gives you the tools to comprehend it. This site carries the book into the future.


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A freighter at full speed has massive momentum. A civilization has even more. We've only been trying to change course for a short time, opposed by huge vested interests and our own habits of mind. No wonder the change isn't swift or smooth. It's a time of bold advances and shameful retreats, apathy and innovation.  Fresh data and events are constantly arriving. What better time to have our eyes wide open?


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Everybody lives inside his or her own movie. Mine had usually seemed a light comedy. Then I noticed the first dead bee on the driveway. Then three or four every week. Then the weeks became months. The soundtrack turned ominous. What was this--Stephen King?

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